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Minimaks Textile Metal Accessories LTD was established in 2002 for the manufacture, wholesale, distribution, and export of metal clothing accessories as well as their application machinery, dies, punches, and spare parts.

Failed press fastener attachments both represent a danger to the consumer and a potential loss of time and profits to the garment manufacturers. Motivated by our goal of providing the most quality standard metal accessories in a fast, reliable, and consistent manner, we support our customers through the manufacturing process with our application engineering laboratory. The vendor is equally supported during the process by providing mock-up and datasheets for press fastener attachments in every stage of the production and adjusting the proper pinch setting of their machinery to standardize the quality application of the accessories.

We value our consumer’s health and safety. For this reason, our products are tested for harmful substances and Minimaks is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (class 1) by CENTEXBEL in accordance with the chemical requirements of fast fashion garment exporters.

For these qualities, Minimaks has the privilege of being approved by Walmart George (ASDA UK), C&A (Mondial Istanbul), and Celio (France Office) as their supplier and data forming partner to the vendors manufacturing garments for them.

We are at your disposal for any of the further services we could supply.





Phone: 02126371157


MİNİMAKS TEKSTİL METAL AKS. İTH. İHR. SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. Merter Keresteciler Sitesi, Fatih Caddesi, Kalender Sokak, Ersan Han, No: 21 Güngören / ISTANBUL

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